There are more than 100,000 children waiting to be adopted and 20,000 youth who will age out of foster care this year without permanent connections. Our free tools enhance family search programs and fulfill diligent search requirements for social workers.
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Hundreds of social workers across the US use our free tools to dramatically improve the likelihood of finding permanent loving homes for kids in foster care.
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Enhance Family Search Programs
& Fulfill Diligent Search Requirements

Our Family Connections Tool enhances your organization’s family searching program. Use our technology to dramatically scale-up your family searching and engagement efforts, so that your work is perfectly documented and organized and reports are easily shareable.

Our People Search Tool is a powerful contact information and relationship discovery search engine that helps you quickly fulfill the requirement to identify and notify extended family members of a child’s removal from home. The People Search tool uncovers associations between people by sifting through an index of over 3 billion people in just a few seconds, allowing you to exponentially expand the pool of potential kinship caregivers, far beyond just those in current contact with the child’s parents.

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The Problem

More Than 100,000 Children Waiting For Adoption

And that's just in the United States this year. Children in foster care suffer from post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) at alarming rates. And the 20,000 young adults that age out of the foster care system every year without ever finding that forever family experience an extremely challenging early adulthood.

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The Key Insight

Every Child In Foster Care Has Extended Family

And when extended family is engaged, the child's chances of permanent placement are very good. But because of the current manual and slow process of discovering and engaging extended families - very few children in foster care receive this benefit.

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The Solution

Use Technology To Scale Up

In every area of business and most areas of government, technology is leveraged to dramatically increase efficiency. But because of the lack of sufficient incentive, modern technology for extended family engagement of foster youth didn't previously exist.
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