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Thousands of lawyers, social workers, family recruiters and CASA Volunteers use our free technology tools to dramatically improve the lives for children in the foster care system.
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The Problem

More Than 100,000 Children Waiting For Adoption

And that's just in the United States this year. Children in foster care suffer from post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) at alarming rates. The 20,000 young adults that age out of the foster care system annually without permanent, supportive connections experience significant challenges in adulthood.

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The Solution

Every Child In Foster Care Has Extended Family

When the extended family is engaged, a child's chances of permanency and developing a sense of belonging dramatically increase. These relationships and connections help heal trauma.

Outdated, manual, and slow processes of discovering and engaging extended family members limited the number of connections made for America's most vulnerable children...until Connect Our Kids was founded in 2017.

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Use Technology To Scale Up

In every area of business and most areas of government, technology is leveraged to dramatically increase efficiency. Because of the lack of sufficient incentive, modern technology for extended family search and engagement of foster youth didn't previously exist.

Connect Our Kids partnered with the most forward-leaning child welfare professionals and pioneered a technological revolution for the child welfare sphere.
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Our Work

Fast-Track Family Search and Engagement Efforts

Connect Our Kids' technology platform enhances the most successful family search and engagement programs in the country. Child welfare professionals use our technology tools to dramatically scale up their family search and engagement efforts and to ensure work is perfectly documented, organized, and reports are easily shared.

If child welfare professionals don't have access to the best family search and engagement programs, we've got their back. Our technology tools offer a strong foundation to meet legal requirements and quickly identify relatives of a child in the government's custody.
Connect Our Kids offers free introductory technology training. For a comprehensive approach, government agencies and non-profit organizations can request details on our two-tiered trauma-informed training that incorporates tech training and the very best family search and engagement practices.
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