37 Connections Found for Child Who Couldn’t Speak About Her Family

December 20, 2021
OHIO: When a child is abused and/or neglected, those traumas assault the child’s brain by impairing its functionality. Children who enter foster care because their health and safety have been jeopardized tend to have a developmental delay. A developmental delay refers to a child who has not gained the developmental skills that’s expected of that child due to that child’s age. These delays can show up in the child’s speech and language, motor functions, cognitive, play and social skills. 

Abigail is a lovely, quiet 13-year-old girl who entered foster care not too long ago under some very tragic circumstances. While Abigail is old enough to speak for herself and advocate for who she wants to live with, she has not done so because she cannot. Her traumas have caused her to be developmentally delayed.

Abigail is in a residential facility right now, doing the best she can under her circumstances but she is struggling. She is not in a home, getting the one-on-one attention she needs. She is getting therapy, learning her numbers, letters and discovering what healthy boundaries are for her personal healing and growth.

There is hope for Abigail.

Abigail is not completely alone as she enjoys regular visits from her grandmother. Abigail’s dedicated Wendy’s Wonderful Kids® (WWK) recruiter has also found her a prospective adoptive family who visit her during the day and these visits have been going really well for everyone.

As for Abigail’s birth family, at first it was challenging for the WWK recruiter to find them as she could not get the names of family members and other important people from Abigail. The WWK recruiter entered the few details she did know into our People Search engine and Family Connections tool. From there, Abigail’s WWK recruiter has been able to find 37 people, including Abigail’s father and step-mother.

Abigail’s WWK recruiter continues to use our Connect Our Kids tools to build out Abigail’s family tree and reach out to relatives as she believes it will also be useful when Abigail or her potential adoptive family want to get to know more about her biological family.  

“These tools are very helpful and I think this will be a great gift for her in her future.”

These connections matter. Want to help more children like Abigail? You can help today by donating HERE.

*Names have been changed to protect privacy.

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