A Father Seeks Reunification with His Son

December 30, 2020
Christopher* is a pre-teen who has been in foster care for many years. When his caseworker used our Family Connections tool, she was able to successfully locate and contact Christopher’s biological father. Christopher’s father responded immediately. He felt strongly that his parental rights had been wrongfully terminated and he wants to reunify with his son.

Christopher’s knowledgeable caseworker noted that there was no record of the father agreeing to termination of parental rights. Her contact with the father has now led to an evidentiary hearing, which will give Christopher’s father an opportunity to state his case before the judge.

If Christopher’s father is successful in court then the judge may grant a reversal of parental rights termination, allowing the father to pursue reunification with his son. While we don’t know what the outcome will be for Christopher, it is extremely important that he now knows he has a father who wants to be a part of his life.

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*Names have been changed to protect privacy.

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