A Young Boy Reconnects with Neighbors Who Want to Be in His Life

October 5, 2021
OHIO: Three years ago, Luke* was removed from the only neighborhood he knew growing up. Since then, he has lived in five different foster homes and lost track of all the connections he made in the first nine years of his life.

When a Wendy’s Wonderful Kids® (WWK) recruiter took over Luke’s case, he saw a note in a file that Luke really liked a married couple who lived in his neighborhood. Not knowing many details, the WWK Recruiter went to great lengths to track down the neighbors who made quite an impression on Luke. He didn’t know if these neighbors still lived in Luke’s old neighborhood, or if they would be a connection, but the WWK recruiter thought he’d try.

After calling up Luke’s former foster families, no one could give a name or address of the married couple. Undeterred, the WWK recruiter visited Luke’s home where he was removed from his family, talked to a neighbor and got an address of the married couple. From there, the WWK recruiter went to the county auditor’s website, and found the names of the homeowners of the address given. He then entered the homeowners’ names, David and Diane, along with their address into our Family Connections tool and got a list of phone numbers. The second phone number listed belonged to the married couple with whom young Luke felt a connection.

David and Diane had been waiting for this call since the police removed Luke from his parents three years ago. On the day Luke was taken away, he ran up and gave a Hot Wheels toy to David as a goodbye present. For the past three years, David has looked at that Hot Wheels toy every single day, thinking about Luke and wondering if he was safe and loved.

Luke is now in the beginning stages of reconnecting with his long-lost neighbors. They write each other letters and speak on FaceTime. David and Diane are interested in providing permanency but they all have a long road ahead due to everything Luke’s been through in his young life. At least now this young boy has people in his life who he knows from his past, people who deeply care about him.

This WWK adoption recruiter went to great lengths to connect Luke with supportive connections, which will subsequently help create emotional healing and reduce the impacts of trauma. Connect Our Kids feels honored to help facilitate this life-changing work.

These connections matter. If you want to help more children in foster care like Luke, you can do so by donating HERE.

*Name has been changed to protect privacy.

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