Dylan Discovers Siblings He Didn’t Know He Had

December 2, 2021
MISSOURI: Dylan is a 7-year-old boy who has been in foster care for the past couple of years. Dylan’s father’s whereabouts are unknown and his mother has had personal and legal challenges that she is struggling to overcome. 

When Dylan’s Relative Kinship worker from TFI Family used our People Search tool to look for relatives, in her search she found a man who turned out to be a step-uncle. This step-uncle led the Relative Kinship worker to call Chris, who is Dylan’s biological uncle. Chris told the Relative Kinship worker that there were four adult half-siblings and he knew their adoptive last name. The Relative Kinship worker plugged that last name into People Search and retrieved phone numbers to call all four of Dylan's siblings.

Dylan’s four adult half-siblings had all been adopted together into a great family in Missouri and they all viewed that adoption as a wonderful thing that had happened for them. They want the best for Dylan, and are all very interested in communicating with the boy's foster mother, who is wanting to adopt him. They want to be very much involved in Dylan’s life. They are all very happy to be connected to Dylan and cannot wait to visit him in the future.  

His Relative Kinship worker thinks there are two more additional siblings for Dylan in Missouri. She will use our People Search and Family Connections tools to find them so that Dylan can grow up with an even bigger family who will love him.

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*Name has been changed to protect privacy.

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