Facing Uncertainty in Foster Care, Sibling Set of Four Are All Now Living with Relatives

February 9, 2021
KANSAS/MISSOURI: In the first week of 2021, four Kansas children entered the foster care system. Their mother, who is burdened with unhealed trauma, cannot care for them. 

This half-sibling set of four children were able to avoid separation in the short-term as they live with a maternal aunt. However, their aunt can only commit to caring for the two older siblings because of her limited resources, space, and her own growing family.

Professional family finders used our technology to immediately find a home for the two younger children. While using our smart technology tools, it was also discovered that their mother has eight siblings — growing the network of the right people to help care for these kids at a critical time. Other connections made led to the placement of a younger child with her paternal grandmother, who has a lot of support from the child’s aunts and uncles. As for the youngest child, he has been reunited with his father in Missouri who, until recently, was very involved in his life. 

Each child is now living with a biological relative and they are all being supported by other family members. This story would have had a more tragic outcome if it weren’t for the diligence of committed workers using our technology to find families and making those lifelong connections. 

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Written by Georgette, the Outreach Coordinator for Connect Our Kids. You can read about Georgette's experience in the foster care system.

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