Medically Fragile Infant Gets a Forever Home

May 10, 2021
KANSAS: When Baby Tyler entered the foster care system, a Family Finding team at Cornerstones of Care used our technology tools to identify Tyler's 14 siblings and 96 other connections. As it turned out, five out of Tyler's 14 siblings were also placed with other foster families.

Through intensive exploration and engagement, these child welfare professionals were able to build out an extensive network on our Family Connections tool. Because of Tyler’s medical condition, he had to live close to a specialist so that he could continue receiving the best medical care possible. After using professional search and engagement techniques, Tyler ended up being placed with two biological aunts. These incredible aunts rearranged their lives and moved in together so that they could both commit to caring for Tyler. More impressively, they agreed to a safety plan for Tyler to bond with his parents on a regular basis. 

Tyler is safe now and too young to understand what’s going on around him. Now these dedicated Family Finders are working to find Tyler's five siblings who have all run away from their foster families. Our Family Connections platform is already proving to be helpful as these professionals work to engage this large network.

These wonderful child welfare professionals are much like detectives as they continue to search for healthy, supportive people.

Connections matter. Want to help more children like Tyler and his siblings? You can help today by donating HERE.

*Name has been changed to protect privacy.

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