Olive Now Has an Aunt and Uncle in Her Life

October 5, 2021
OHIO: Olive* is a teenager who has been in foster care for a very long time. When a Wendy’s Wonderful Kids® (WWK) recruiter received her case, the recruiter saw that the particular aunt and uncle could be valuable connections for Olive, but no one could find their correct contact information. It had been a frustrating experience for all those who had previously tried to track down this couple, especially knowing that they could potentially be in Olive’s life permanently.

When the WWK recruiter used Connect Our Kids’ People Search, the aunt and uncle’s correct contact information popped up. Olive was able to connect with her aunt and uncle for the first time in her life. They now all speak to each other on a weekly basis and are in the process of building a relationship. It’s been a very positive experience for Olive, who is happy to have her aunt and uncle in her life. Olive is looking forward to meeting them in person soon.

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*Name has been changed to protect privacy.

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