Pregnant and Facing Emancipation Alone, Youth Finds Her Biological Family

December 5, 2020
OHIO: Tammy* thought she had no one in her corner when she was facing emancipation from foster care at age 21, pregnant with her second child. Tammy now is surrounded by her biological family.

Weeks away from aging out of Bridges, a transitional living program, Tammy was desperate to find people she could permanently connect with, not only for herself but also for the sake of her children.

Tammy had a very difficult life growing up. She was adopted when she was very young but many years later, she re-entered the foster care system because her adoptive parents were abusive.

Since Tammy didn’t know much about her biological family, she took a 23 & Me DNA test. Tammy and her caseworker entered the results into our technology platforms. Soon, one name led to others, which led Tammy to connect with a biological aunt who lived out-of-state.

That aunt is now not only in Tammy’s life, but she has given Tammy many connections and a long term support network. Tammy’s aunt gave her contact information for all the relatives in Tammy’s local area. Within a week of outreach, some of Tammy’s relatives were in her living room. They brought diapers for her child and groceries too. But more importantly, Tammy now knows that she is part of a family who wants to have a relationship with her and her children.

With a biological family now surrounding her with support, Tammy feels more confident than ever that she can give her children the kind of childhood she never had. 

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*Name has been changed to protect privacy.


Written by Georgette, the Outreach Coordinator for Connect Our Kids. You can read about Georgette's experience in the foster care system.

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