Runaway Teen Discovers Many Relatives Care About Him

May 10, 2021
KANSAS: Feeling alone at sixteen, Kevin* ran away shortly after entering the foster care system—no one knew where he went.

The social service agency contacted the Special Response Team at Cornerstones of Care to alert them of Kevin's unsafe situation and requested assistance. The Special Response Team is trained in family search and engagement efforts.

Kevin's social worker shared what she knew about his family: his mother was homeless, and they had contact information for a maternal aunt and grandmother who once cared for one of Kevin’s siblings. A Cornerstones of Care family finding professional immediately entered that information onto our Family Connections platform.

Our technology quickly found Kevin’s biological father, paternal grandfather, a second cousin, an uncle and many other relatives—all who live within close proximity to each other. When contacted, Kevin’s biological dad said he wanted a relationship with him and many other family members made it known that they too wanted to be a part of Kevin’s life. Then, using our technology tools to find more extended family members and their contact information, this dedicated family finder found Kevin.

The child welfare professionals at the Cornerstones of Care explained to Kevin that he in fact has more than 45 relatives and other adults who all care about him and his future. This new information inspired Kevin to build out his own support network using our Family Connections platform alongside a trusted professional.

Before the professionals at the Cornerstones of Care got involved, Kevin didn’t know much about his family. Now he understands that he has people in his life that care, including a connection to his father whom he never met before.

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*Name has been changed to protect privacy.

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