Set of Three Siblings Avoid Separation from School, Community, and Each Other  

May 10, 2021
KANSAS: Liliana, Lori and Jared* recently entered the foster care system. They are all very good students and it was important to them that they continue their education in the same school and remain in the same familiar town.

Family separation is common within the system because it's an everyday challenge to find foster families who can take in sibling sets.

Fortunately, because of their dedicated child welfare professionals at Cornerstones of Care and school counselor, non-related KIN and their contact information were discovered using our technology tools. Non-related KIN is someone known to the child through school, church, community, family and friends. These connections are incredibly valuable and are not always maintained when children are pulled into the foster care system.

Liliana now lives in a home with a trusted school friend, while Lori and Jared live in another home nearby. Family search and engagement efforts are underway to identify blood relatives for these three siblings. In the meantime, they will remain living close to each other with regular visits.

The Connect Our Kids team is grateful for child welfare professionals across the country who are using our free technology tools to build support networks around children who need it the most. Their dedication to keeping family bonds strong and reducing trauma inspires us everyday.

Connections matter. Want to help more children like Liliana, Lori and Jared? You can help today by donating HERE.

*Names have been changed to protect privacy.

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