She Looks Just Like Her Mom

December 15, 2021
OHIO: Emma has been in foster care for a very long time. She became a foster child when she started school and has been bounced around a dozen different times, living in foster homes and residential facilities, over the past six years. Her mother was never in her life and her father raised her until he could no longer do so due to his own challenges. 

Even though Emma is a tween, her Wendy’s Wonderful Kids® (WWK) recruiter says Emma is not shy in communicating her needs and that she comes across as a natural born leader. Emma misses her one and only brother however, who she is very close with as they grew up together. He is adopted and they currently do not have any contact. Emma hopes to reunite with him one day.

Emma is in a group home now. Her WWK recruiter dug deep into her case file, and used the Connect Our Kids tools to start reaching out to every relative and kinship connection she could. Immediately she found updated contact information and within a month, she had been able to make contact with two separate family members who remembered Emma as an infant. One of these contacts is an uncle from her mother’s side who felt compelled to reach out when he saw a photo of Emma.

“Wow. She looks just like her mom,” Emma’s uncle said.

Emma’s uncle is interested in caring for his niece and learning more about how to become a licensed adoptive parent.

Thanks to the WWK recruiter’s work, which includes using the family search Connect Our Kids tools, Emma also has a kinship connection who wants to be involved in her life in a meaningful way. This kinship relative used to babysit Emma and knows what the foster care system is like. She doesn’t want Emma to be in foster care anymore and will do whatever she can to help. She also already contacted the agency about becoming a licensed foster/adoptive parent.

Emma is on her way to living with her family who knew her as a baby.

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*Names have been changed to protect privacy.

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