Siblings Reunite with Their Older Brother

July 6, 2021
FLORIDA: Rhonda and Raheem have spent the last four years growing up in our foster care system. While it’s common for siblings to be separated in foster care, Rhonda and Raheem were both living at the same residential facility when the possibility of being reunited with their older brother became a reality. 

When Rhonda and Raheem’s case was assigned to a Family Finding Specialist from Children's Home Network, she did a lot of research and went through the kids’ family tree on our Family Connections tool. This dedicated professional was able to locate and speak with Rhonda and Raheem’s adult brother, who happened to live in the same city. Years ago, this brother was considered as a possible placement but his living situation didn’t allow for it at the time. The Family Finding Specialist reached out to their older brother and through text and phone calls discovered that his living and financial situation had changed. He was in a position to support Rhonda and Raheem and immediately requested next steps on how to get reunited to take care of his younger siblings. 

Rhonda and Raheem are now at home living with their adult brother thanks to the hard work and diligence of their Family Finding Specialist. She had to this say about our Family Connections tool:

“Family Connections made laying out the family tree and connection easy for the eye—it is a great visual when digging back through cases to find that connection. The direct links to search engines makes it simple to search in multiple locations. Connect Our Kids is super helpful to me in my job specifically as a family finding specialist—to be able to add notes, color code, and really be able to see that life-changing connection as a visual helps me when trying to place kids with relatives/non-relatives.”

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*Names have been changed to protect privacy.

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