Teen Boy Reunites with His Long-Lost Mother

November 27, 2021
OHIO: Thanks to the hard work of one special Wendy’s Wonderful Kids® (WWK) recruiter who used the Connect Our Kids platform, a teenage boy is now planning to spend the upcoming holidays with his birth mother he lost contact with ten years ago.

This is their story.

Ryan’s father was never in the picture for the first seven years of his life, but his mother was. They spent every day together, took lots of photos and life was good until Ryan’s young, single mother went through a tough time. This difficult period was short-lived but Ryan’s mom didn’t have the means or family to support her during her time of need. With few options, Ryan’s mom relied on her friends, namely a childless couple who offered to adopt Ryan. They convinced her they could give her a son a better life. They were married. They had a nice house and they too loved Ryan.

At the time, it seemed like a good idea.

Once the adoption was finalized, however, Ryan’s mother was slowly cut off from her son’s life despite her attempts in reaching out. Ryan entered foster care years later because his adoptive home became very unsafe for him. His mother was never notified since she lost her legal rights upon adoption.

She didn’t know her son was in the foster care system until a WWK recruiter reached out to her.

Finding Ryan’s mother was not easy initially because the adoptive parents gave misleading information. Ryan’s WWK recruiter didn’t even have the full correct name of his mother. Ryan was too young to remember his mother’s full name. Since Ryan’s mother never interacted with child welfare, there was no record of her. However, Ryan’s WWK recruiter did some digging and was able to find Ryan's original birth certificate. Once she got Ryan’s birth mother’s full name from the certificate, she entered that name into our technology tools and instantly found Ryan’s mother’s social media and contact information.

Ryan’s mother lives a few states away. Knowing how important it was for Ryan to see his mother after so many years of no contact, Ryan’s WWK recruiter and caseworker drove 16 hours one way, across state lines, so that they could reunite him with his mother. It was a beautiful and touching reunion, with a long bear hug. Ryan spent several wonderful days with his mother, laughing, cooking, and bonding. She shared with him a box of dog-eared photo albums she had of the two of them in earlier years.

Ryan and his mother are now making plans to live together. They have new memories to create, more photos to take, and so much to catch up on. Mother and son are extremely happy to be back in each others’ lives and they are both determined never to be separated again.

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*Names have been changed to protect privacy.

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