The Child Welfare Legal Community Taps Into the Power of Connect Our Kids 

December 4, 2020
Because of our generous donors, Connect Our Kids is able to expand our work into the legal community. We are proud to have been identified by the National Association of Counsel for Children (NACC) as a valuable legal resource for children, parents, and agencies across the country. 

The foster care system is a pipeline to prison, homelessness, and human trafficking. We feel honored to work with those in the trenches who fight tirelessly to disrupt this pipeline by connecting our most vulnerable children to safe and supportive family members and mentors.

Connect Our Kids Offers Training to Lawyers in the Southwest  

Over the summer, Connect Our Kids trained legal advocates from the Colorado Office of Respondent Parent Counsel (ORPC) who assist parents in child welfare proceedings. ORPC President, Jill Cohen, explained the need for Connect Our Kids technology. 

“Connect Our Kids tailored a virtual training for Colorado’s court-appointed parents’ attorneys, defense team social workers, and investigators so they can pursue zealous parent representation using every tool available. We expect departments of human services to search for families but our parent defense teams can also help families stay together through advocacy efforts like Connect Our Kids’ family finding technology.” 

Connect Our Kids Partners with Human Trafficking Organization on West Coast

The Human Trafficking Legal Network (HTLN) is a Los Angeles not-for-profit group of legal professionals that advances creative ways the law may contribute to preventing and ending human trafficking. Attorney and HTLN board member, Paul Freese, is excited for his legal colleagues to use Connect Our Kids tools to help vulnerable children and adults. 

“Relationship support is crucial to prevent foster youth from human trafficking because pimps and predators exploit the isolation and loneliness of youth. Connect Our Kids helps build and preserve vital permanent connections for such youth that can enable them to avoid entry into the foster system, divert them from juvenile justice and protect them from exploitation or homelessness. Every Public Interest Attorney would benefit from commanding its power to invigorate the relationship networks around our most vulnerable clients.” 

Now more than ever, our most vulnerable children need your help. Click here and donate right now to help us grow our partnerships to serve children in all 50 states. 

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