The Importance of Second Chances

April 22, 2022
KANSAS: A Family Finding advocate from Cornerstones of Care began searching for family or community connections for a baby boy named Zac*. Using the Connect Our Kids technology platform, the advocate found an aunt who wanted to take in baby Zac. As the advocate began conducting home visits and background checks, she discovered the aunt's wife had prior convictions and had served prison time. Typically, this creates a barrier to being a foster caregiver. However, with no other options available, the advocate investigated further.

Sadly, the wife’s story revealed her own personal traumas from growing up in foster care and reaching adulthood without support. During her incarceration, she completed an intensive rehabilitation program with an emphasis on accountability and support for transitioning to employment.  

With a deeper understanding of the circumstances, the advocate presented her recommendations for permanent placement. A year later, all three are happy and thriving. The wife expresses gratitude for a second chance to provide Zac with a loving, supportive home—the kind she wished she had growing up.

“I didn’t think I’d ever get a second chance. You’ve given me an opportunity that nobody else has.”

In her line of work, this advocate has learned that people are far more than their past stories. Understanding intimately the impact of a poor foster placement, the aunt and her wife give Zac intentional and loving care.

These connections matter. Want to help more children like Zac? You can help today by donating HERE.

*Names have been changed to protect privacy.

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