Trauma-Informed Aunt Takes In Medically Fragile Teen

April 22, 2022
NEVADA: Winona* entered foster care due to medical neglect and allegations of domestic violence and sexual abuse. Winona also has a medical condition that causes illness when food, drink, and medication is not properly monitored. Because Winona has also experienced food scarcity, she hoards food and hides the truth about what she has eaten. This further complicates her care and has resulted in multiple hospitalizations and foster care placements. 

Winona’s most recent foster family has been supportive and consistent with her medication. It’s a good foster placement,  but it’s temporary. When her Youth Advocate used the Connect Our Kids technology platform, she identified and provided outreach to many relatives who could not manage the complexities of Winona’s medical condition.

Expanding her search to include community contacts, she located a woman named Carla, who was once Winona’s mother’s stepsister.  Carla is a trauma-informed nurse who works in the medical field, making her a uniquely qualified caregiver for Winona.   As the Youth Advocate introduced Winona to Carla, the two began to tenatively build a relationship. Carla is now in the process of finalizing guardianship for Winona.

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*Names have been changed to protect privacy.

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