When Amber Gets Married Someday, She Will Have Relatives on Her Side of the Aisle

December 19, 2020
‍“I don’t know, I just never expected to be able to meet another family member that I had out there… but now having the family members that I do have, it definitely has helped [me] out in so many ways now knowing that I have them.” —Amber

It is an honor to highlight this incredible story coming from a partner organization. Based out of Oregon, Hope House has an outstanding Family Find program that serves youth ages 15 and older living in foster care. The program is designed to find and facilitate positive connections with the youth's extended family so they can be helpful to these kids as they prepare to become adults.

The caring professionals at Hope House use the Connect Our Kids People Search and Family Connections technology in their genealogical research to build out and organize extensive family trees.

The goal of the Hope House Family Find program is to help create lasting relationships for these kids who once thought they had no family at all.

Amber, who had no information about her family until she went to Hope House, discusses the importance of family for her in this video. It is a priviledge to assist the advocates at Hope House and enhance their powerful program that helps create life-long relationships and lasting support.

Connections matter, and family matters. Want to help more children like Amber? You can help today by donating HERE.

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