yWorks And Connect Our Kids Power A Revolution For Kids In Foster Care

February 26, 2020

yWorks, the market leader in graph visualization software solutions, has partnered with Connect Our Kids, a technology non-profit producing child welfare solutions, to power a revolution in the practice of finding permanent loving homes for children in foster care. Through the generous license donation and direct support of the yWorks team, the complete yFiles for HTML product now powers the family tree builder in Family Connections. Social Workers, family recruiters, and CASA Volunteers will now have free access to the same level of visual graphing techniques available to the most advanced systems used in commercial and public sector applications.

In the United States, there are over 100,000 children waiting to be adopted. Because of recent legislation, like the Families First Act, child welfare agencies are focused on reuniting children in foster care with their extended families. But the extended family discovery and engagement process is time intensive. Therefore many children do not receive this extended family search benefit. Connect Our Kids is on a mission to create free tools that dramatically reduce the time and resources necessary to perform this extended family search work.

Family Connections is a free tool, currently in pilot mode with several agencies across 5 states, that simplifies the process of discovering and engaging extended families. With features like visual mapping (via yFiles), automatic contact information discovery (via People Search), and engagement management - Family Connections is the one-stop solution for agencies that need a family search management tool.

In just two days, a local private family search agency in Colorado moved all of their operations onto the Family Connections tool. They now have six recruiters mapping out families, capturing engagement information, and generating automated reports using Family Connections. This has dramatically reduced their overhead time, and allowed them to focus on what they do best - finding permanent loving homes for kids in foster care.

Child Welfare agencies, CASA organizations, and family recruiters interested in piloting or using Family Connections should send an introduction email to hello@connectourkids.org

For more information about yWorks, and the yFiles line of products, visit https://www.yworks.com

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