Our mission is connect every child to loving family and permanent support network. This mission includes the safety of the child and their data.
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Thousands of lawyers, social workers, family recruiters and CASA Volunteers use our free technology tools to dramatically improve the lives for children in the foster care system.
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Data Extent
Minimal Case Data Collected
Our tools do not require significant case data to be entered - and in fact can be used without entering any case data. Because our tools are focused on aggregating public information, our tools do not collect significant amounts of case data - unless your users enter such data.

Nonetheless, we take data security extremely seriously. Read our Privacy Policy to learn more.
Data Security
Encryption Everywhere
We use strong browser encryption, encrypt data at every stage of transit, store data only in encrypted storage systems, and implement strong processes and procedures for managing the encryption keys.
Data Sharing
We Do Not Share Your Case Data
We are a non-profit that operates on the funds provided by our philanthropic partners. We are not incentivized, nor do our internal policies allow, case data sharing outside of the team you have authorized.

For the purposes of demonstrating the value of our services, and to help you understand your own metrics, we may share very limited aggregate anonymized usage data. Read our Privacy Policy to learn more.
Data Portability
Complete Data Exports and Integrations Available
Our tools offer complete data exports, and automated report generation. Our goal is to support your mission of caring for foster children - and that includes providing complete portability of the case data into other systems. We encourage you to consider how we can help you automate tedious data entry and sharing processes.
Data Location
All Data In The U.S.
All data collected through our tools are stored in the United States. Family Connections data is stored Google Cloud Central 1 Region - which is in Council Bluffs, Iowa. People Search and Impact Dashboard data is stored in AWS US-East-1 Region - which is in Northern Virginia.
Access Control
You Are In Control Of Access
Each "Team" in Connect Our Kids tools are directly managed by one or more persons in your organization. Team members and their permissions are controlled by the "Team Managers." Each child's data is protected by fine-grain security controls, and your Team Managers can grant or revoke privileges instantly.
Advanced Access Control
Integration With Your User Directory
We can offer your organization direct integration with your user directory servers. This allows your administrators to define their own methods of access control, including integrations with your existing policies and processes. Email for more information.
System Monitoring
Automated Systems Monitoring
We leverage advanced systems monitoring tools to ensure the configurations deployed are in compliance with our policies and industry best practices. These tools are automatically updated with the latest rules to ensure our continual advancing security posture at a systems level.
Code Scanning
Automated Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) Detection
We leverage advanced code scanning tools to ensure that the code we produce is free of known CVE issues. These tools automatically review every version of software that we produce, and are regularly updated with the latest vulnerability notifications.
Limited Access
We Do Not Access Your Data, Unless You Ask Us Too
Our tools are specifically designed to limit our own access to your data. Our policies define "least privilege" access controls that limit cross system access and the number of our internal operations team members that have the ability to affect access.

We will never access your data, unless we are directly serving your interests at your direction.
System Architectures
We Scale So You Don't Have Too
Our tools are specifically architected to achieve extreme scale. Your team does not have to worry about software security, upgrades, or maintenance. We will focus on technology, and your team can focus on direct services for children in foster care.

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We work extensively with government and private agencies to ensure our information security compliance is satisfactory. We can offer you reports, system architectures, and technical team introductions.
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