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Our Family Connections tool helps you discover and engage the extended family and supporters of children in foster care. It's free, easy to use - and will be generally available in the summer of 2020.
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The technology we make has made a difference in the lives of many children. And there is so much more opportunity to improve the lives of kids in foster care.
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Our Family Connections tool is completely free, and is being piloted in five states through Spring 2020. If you are interested in gaining early access to Family Connections, please fill out the form.
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Work As A Team

Family Connections is specifically built to allow teams of recruiters to work in concert. Your designated "Team Manager" will invite the other team members and set their permissions. Your team members can share work, view the latest engagement information, and offer help to each other.

Discover Important People

Though the tool is called Family Connections, it can easily be used to discover almost anyone important in a child's life. The tool allows teams of family recruiters, CASA volunteers, and others to quickly build out family trees, and groupings of important people.

Engage The Family

Family Connections allows your team to take notes about the engagement actions, so that you can build a trail of knowledge that's easily shared. The tool also includes pre-built letters, phone call scripts, and voice mail messages - to spur your ideas and ensure the best responses.

One Click Reports

Family Connections reduces your paperwork load by offering one click download reports. Pre-built documents and data export files contain all of the work you've performed - making it easy to share and integrate with your case management system.

One Click Exports

You can also export full case information, including the diagrams, contact information, and engagement data.

Completely Free

We offer Family Connections to every social worker, CASA volunteer, and family recruiter in the United States for free. Use the form above to request access.

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